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The professional plugin for layout management in WordPress.

Built on the CSS grid foundation, the Advanced Columns plugin is the most powerful and flexible layout builder block for WordPress.

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The best plugin for Designers

The Advanced Columns block for WordPress offers designers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, customizable media queries, and exceptional flexibility.

It simplifies the creation of beautiful, responsive layouts, allowing you to concentrate on the creative aspect of design rather than getting bogged down by technicalities.

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Advanced Columns editing panels

Easy to use drag & drop interface

Our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface simplifies the layout generation by providing a consistent grid structure ensuring dimension predictability.

With just a few clicks, you can easily create complex column systems, eliminating the need for custom CSS. This streamlines the design process, saving you time and eliminating guesswork.

Quick presets for instant layout changes

We've created quick presets as a tool to streamline extensive layout adjustments. With just one click on a standard layout preset, you can simultaneously modify the size and position of multiple columns in bulk.

This becomes especially valuable when you're editing a specific breakpoint, significantly reducing editing time.

Comprehensive columns appearance controls

Columns are designer to offer extensive customization options, aiming to minimize the necessity of creating custom CSS for your projects. You can customize the background by adding images, videos (soon), or colors, and apply overlays in the form of solid colors or gradients, and everything can be adjusted at each breakpoint to suit your requirements.

Precise control of the dimensions

Each dimension field accommodates multiple unit values, and we've included specific fields for directional dimensions like padding and margin. You can either adjust all axes together or edit individual directions.

Pro version users can also enable WordPress spacing values from the theme.json file.

Breakpoints for precise editing

The plugin's customizable responsive breakpoint system empowers you to fine-tune every element of your layout, whether it's altering padding or repositioning columns within the grid layout.

With Advanced Columns, effective layout management becomes effortless, as it enables the creation of sophisticated and professional layouts without the need for custom CSS coding.

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For Developers by Developers

Developers are in our hearts. We thoughtfully crafted our plugin with a focus on solid principles, ensuring a professional and enjoyable experience for developers. Advanced Columns is extensible, secure and optimized: from the development point of view, this plugin has got your back.

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Perfectly defined breakpoints

By adopting the CSS syntax for Media Queries, you're free to define and manage your breakpoints however you like, and not be limited to the concept of the viewport width.

With this approach, you'll be able to add vertical Media Queries as well, or play around with Preference Queries, and even modify a block visual representation depending on a light/dark mode.

Excited? So are we! And to think that we are planning to bring Container Queries to the table in a future update…

Advanced Columns media queries creation interface

Extensible, future-proof and optimized

As developers, we like having control. That's why, through various hooks and filters, Advanced Columns provides you with all the tools you need to extend the plugin as you please.

We prioritize flexibility, and Advanced Columns, with its robust data structure, is a versatile solution that simplifies idea implementation. You know what else we like? Speed! All these goodies are backed up by an optimized platform that has performance at its core.

Dynamically generated backgrounds markup

Both images and videos can be set as backgrounds for our columns blocks. But what about the behavior of a background image? Should it be applied as a CSS background, or should it be an actual image tag, for SEO and crawling purposes?

Well, in Advanced Columns you have both options, so the only thing left to do will be to pick the perfect one!

Built on the foundations of CSS Grid

Advanced Columns runs on CSS Grid. With such a powerful foundation, there are no limits to what you can build.

Since column blocks templates are dynamically rendered, styles are dynamically processed too, and are inlined in page only when you actually need them: this way, your pages will perform better in speed tests, and put you in control of their output.

The solution for the next generation of themes

Advanced Columns integrates seamlessly with Block Themes: this means that you'll be able to modify your theme's theme.json file and instantly see those changes reflected on our blocks' controls. Take borders, spacing values, or even colors for example: Advanced Columns will work as one with your theme!

WordPress block editor interface

Standard features

All that you need to start building amazing layouts.

  • Drag & drop interface

    Edit your content directly in the Block Editor.

  • Media Queries support

    Perfectly define the breakpoints of your project.

  • Customizable columns and rows

    Create grids exactly the way you want.

  • Background image support

    The perfect decoration for your content.

  • Solid color or gradient overlay

    Fine tune the appearance of your backgrounds.

  • Quick presets

    Apply commonly-used layouts with just a click.

  • Precise spacing controls

    Control every detail.

  • Single columns z-index control

    Place content on top of everything else.

Pro features coming soon

Take you game up a notch with these features.

  • Fluid grid mode

    Have your column smoothly adapt to the available space.

  • Visibility controls

    Hide content following specific criteria.

  • Video background

    Add moving backgrounds to your content.

  • WordPress spacing support

    Integrate with theme.json for spacing.

  • Global options

    A set of global settings to control your layouts.

  • Unlimited Media Queries

    Add as many breakpoints as you want.

  • Column sticky position

    Make your content stay in place while scrolling.

  • ...and more

    we will publish soon the roadmap, stay tuned!

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Questions & Answers

Explore our Q&A section to find answers to your most pressing questions on a wide range of topics.

If you have any other questions — please Get in touch!

  • Advanced Columns is a plugin designed for the new WordPress Block Editor and can work with any theme that supports it.
  • We have a lot of things planned already, and some other ideas that we'd like to add to the plugin. Some of these are already outlined in the "Pro features" section, and a more detailed roadmap will be released soon.
  • Advanced Columns Pro will be released on April 22nd, 2024. Read the release post now, and if you'd like to be notified as soon as the Pro version is available, subscribe to the plugin mailing list.
  • Yes, we have designed the plugin with the Site Editor in mind, since it is where we think it could be most useful.
  • In the email receipt that you'll receive after downloading or purchasing the plugin, you will find the license key valid for your copy of the plugin. This license key should be entered in the plugin's options panel, located under the 'Settings > Advanced Columns' section of your WordPress admin interface. Once the license is activated, you can easily retrieve and update your plugin directly within your WordPress installation.
  • No, the Advanced Columns plugin is designed to work only with the new generation of WordPress themes that supports the Block Editor or the Site Editor functionality.