Getting started

Create your first layout

Advanced Columns is a WordPress plugin that allows the creation of layouts with the Block Editor and the Site Editor. To create your first layout, add a “Columns” block to your page, and select a preset to start with.

After inserting the Columns block, you can add content to the Column sub-blocks, just like you’d do in a regular WordPress Core Columns block.

Selecting the Columns block will expose all the settings a layout can be configured with. For more on these settings, please check out the Columns section of this documentation.

Manage options

The plugin offers some global options such as Media Queries, which can be customized by clicking on the Settings > Advanced Columns menu option in your WordPress admin interface.


Both the Columns and Column blocks are tightly integrated with WordPress block theme functionalities such as typography, colors, spacing, and more. For detailed information, please refer to the Theme Supports section of this documentation.